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-Why another review site?

Basically because we can and because we want to. Second, we feel that a lot of underground acts do not get a lot of attention on most of the other websites, mostly because of genre restrictions of specializations. We’re trying to fill the niche between styles.


-Why English?

Good question. Several sites make reviews in their own language because it’s easier to write. But we feel that the internet culture has turned English into a universal language. We also think that this way we (and you) can reach more people from all over the world and a bigger audience is always better. For the record: other languages we understand are Dutch, French and German.


-How can I submit a release?

As most sites we prefer physical copies but we also accept digital downloads. However, physical copies will always get the priority for reviews and interviews because these artists put time, effort and money to send them. You can find our address on the ‘about us’ page. Please do not post a 'review this' and a link on our facebook or something. We can only accept emails, private messages and physical copies.


-How will I know if you reviewed my album?

Usually you know when it’s published on our website. But if you gave us a way of contacting you, we’ll let you know. In some occasions we’ll look you up on facebook and publish the link on your wall.


-Can I use your review for promotional purposes?

Sure you can but we would like you to add a link to our website if you use the review.

-Can I listen to some of the music while I read the review?

Yes, at least, if the artist provided a link to soundcloud we’ll publish it on the review page.


-What styles do you review?

We’re not picky. We like a lot of genres, mostly something in the region of Post-Rock, Ambient, Black Metal, Stoner Rock, Doom Metal, Modern Classical, Dark Jazz, Downtempo, Electroclask, IDM, EBM, Reggae & Dub and so on. Here’s a little list of styles we don’t really listen to: R&B, Hardcore Techno, Dixieland, Country, Blues, Pop or Hip-Hop. But don’t let that keep you from sending us some work, we’re quite open minded and we will ALWAYS review physical copies. Be sure that you add a biography and an email address.


-Why isn’t my album reviewed yet?

We didn’t receive it yet or we didn’t have the time to listen yet or it’s a digital copy and we’re still working our way through the physical copies or it sucks so much that we can’t even find a friendly way to tell you. That last one was just a joke, even if we don’t like it, your physical copy will always be reviewed.


-I got a bad review

Well, that happens. Remember that a review is always written from the standpoint of the listener/reviewer. Maybe he was having a bad day or he just didn’t like your music.


-What do you do with the CD’s after you review them?

Well, that depends. If we like the CD we’ll probably keep it and play it in our headquarters. If we don’t (or decide that we’ll probably never play it) we might sell it on Discogs. That way we can earn a little money to support the website. We don’t send copies back because we simply don’t have the cash to do that.


-I’m releasing an album and I would like to give some copies away through your website

Awesome, send an e-mail to info@merchantsofair.com or send us a package with the things you want to give away. Or, if you like to give them away yourself, we give you the addresses of the winners.


-I’m organizing a festival and I’d like to give you some tickets

That’s very friendly of you. We like you now. However, we can ‘t promise we’ll be there because we’re people with a job and a family so we sometimes have other obligations. Also, we don’t have a car and we don’t always have the money to go by train and book a hotel. So before you send tickets, please send an email to info@merchantsofair.com


-Can I place an add on Merchants of Air?

Well, you probably can. Please click here for more info


-I found a typo

info(at)merchantsofair(dot)com ;-)