Atlantis - Omens

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Atlantis - Omens

Burning World

Atlantis is a Dutch ambient/post rock band that started out as as a solo-project in 2006. Omens seems to be the fourth release of this band and the first on Burning World Records. Personally I didn’t know the band until I received this album and I’m already curious about upcoming releases. Omens turned out to be an excellent post-rock album, borrowing from doom and stoner rock. These influences give the album a raw and unpolished sound that works very well.


Omens starts off with the strange, beautiful ambient-like track ‘Rapture’, only to erupt in a diversified and long-lasting flow of calm and heavy pieces, without ever overdoing it. Their Multi-layered guitar play, rather weird electronics and samples and magnificent drum sound produce an almost epic album. I cannot say that I have a favourite track on this album since the tracks seem to overlap, creating some sort of concept or a oneness. The result is a musical landscape that excels in atmosphere and invokes calm but slightly haunting visions, just the way we like it. Previous albums seemed to be rooted into drones, experimental and ambient, influences that are very well audible in Omens. This results in a non-typical post-rock album that flows gently through my living room and my head. Unlike most similar releases, the entire album get stuck in my head, only to reappear like vague memories of a nice but sometimes creepy childhood.


So in all Omens is one of the best post-rock releases I’ve listened to recently, not only as background music while working at home but also on a high volume level in clubs or concert halls. Neither the bandname nor the album title are very original (Atlantis (18) on Discogs) but the magnificent music completely makes up for that. All I can do to finish this review is truly recommend this album to all post-rock fans out there. It is one of the pinnacles of this extended genre.