Cecilia Eyes - Disappearance

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Cecilia::Eyes - Disappearance


It took me a while before I started writing this review, mainly because I wanted it to be as good as the album really is, without glorifying it too much. I played it six or seven times prior to writing about it, so yes, Cecilia::Eyes is currently the most played band in this household. By now, Dissapearance has become a welcome companion in my every-day tasks, going wherever I go and believe me, that is a huge accomplishment.


Cecilia::Eyes is a post-rock band from La Louviere, Belgium, founded in 2004. Their influences are Slowdive, Mono, Crippled Black Phoenix, endless landscapes, dreams, sceneries and, for some reason, eating Chili Con Carne. Dissapearance, their latest output, is without any doubt one of the best post rock releases in Belgian history, reaching the level of bands like Godspeed! You Black Emperor and Explosions in the Sky. Besides the typical and well-orchestrated post rock, this quintet seems to borrow some influences from acts like the Cure and Jesus and the Mary Chain and blend it all into their own powerful sound. Their vivacious music consists of calm and soothing ambient landscapes interspersed with heavy noise-escapades and dark, peculiar soundscapes. But it never reaches the point where it's too much. It takes the listener on an extravagant journey through the bizarre and eerie universe that Cecilia::Eyes creates.


You can hear that this band exists for ten years already. Every member knows exactly what he has to do and when to do it. The timing is perfect and the all-round production is excellent. These seven tracks, with a time span between six and ten minutes, are simply brilliant pieces of work, showing a well attuned band that deserves a huge breakthrough or at least a world tour supporting one of the big names in the genre. The band doesn't seem to bother about commercialism or airplay but instead focuses on creating these longlasting musical sceneries in a very convincing manner.


So, no, I didn't succeed in reviewing the album without glorifying it too much, not even after nine listens. This album is way too good to be left on the shelves, collecting dust. If Merchants of Air would still rate albums in stead of just reviewing them, this one would definately get a highscore. So, dear reader, take a long look into these Cecilia::Eyes and prepare to be amazed. For this is by far one of the best albums coming from our little country. To top it off, we'd like to mention that this album is also available as a strictly limitied (50) Vinyl + CD + digital download + signed picture package. So get over to their bandcamp page and get your hands on these.