Mesozoic - Welcome Girl, Our Second Sun Shines For You

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Mesozoic - Welcome Girl, Our Second Sun Shines For You

Bandcamp 8.5/10

Mesozoic is an Australian one man instrumental rock band, or at least, that's what the biography mentions. I started listening to the album before having read the biography, leaving me surprised about the fact that it's a solo project. Welcome Girl, Our Second Sun Shines For You is the second album, the follow-up for Sanguine that was released earlier this year. The bio also says: "It began as a soundtrack to a movie of a book I am only halfway through writing, and ended up as an album containing... music" ...and may I add, beautiful music.



So yes, Mesozoic sounds like a full-grown post-rock band, perfectly capable of keeping the listener fascinated with atmospheric instrumentals. So in this respect we can only say Owen Davis is an excellent musician and composer with an outstanding work-ethic. He seems to be experienced in a lot of instruments by playing and singing in several bands over the years. With Mesozoic, Davis sets it all into place and does exactly what he feels like.


Although the build-up is very smooth and insinuates an explosion of sound, Mesozoic never seems to indulge itself in pure bombast. Instead, the songs flow from modern classical, ambient pieces to impressive guitar drones and riffs. The drums sound very warm and analogue, even if they could have been programmed. It only adds to the feeling that there's a complete band playing. It's almost like Olafur Arnalds jamming with Explosions in the Sky. The cautious use of piano gives the album an extra gentle sound.


Strangly, the album sounds warm and cold at the same time, like watching a sunlit snowy landscape, seated by the fire, drinking an expensive Bordeaux. The order of the tracks seems to be very meditated, creating a concept album that is very enjoyable as a whole. On the other hand, with tracks such as 'The High City Breathes and Ignites the Air', 'She Rose to Meet the Blinding Light' and 'Convergence', Mesozoic easily earned their place amongst the well-known post-rock bands in my playlist.


Welcome Girl, Our Second Sun Shines For You is an outstanding addition to every post-rock collection. I can only hope that Owen Davis is willing to find a few stage musicians to take this thing on the road. This music is not only made for living rooms, it will be absolutely perfect in concert halls all over the world.