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Merchants of Air offers bands, labels, festivals, equipment manufacturers,... a chance to advertise on our website and create some extra exposure. How does it work? Here's our advertise-faq.




Merchants of Air has several hundred visitors a day and as the website grows we feel like that number will increase. All those people will notice the lovely banner on the left side of every page and some will actually click it and see who you are and what you do.

For us personally it's a welcome extra. Like most websites we have some costs and covering it with some mutual support is a good way to deal with those.




Since our entire website is built by hand, we will only need a link and a banner. We'll place that on the left site of the template, making your add visible for every visitor on every page. You banner will serve as a direct link to your website.




Basically we like to offer this to everyone in our niche. That includes bands and labels but we also welcome magazines, gear manufacturers, printing companies and so on. However, we do wish to evaluate before we put an add on the site, simply because we will not advertise anything against our beliefs.


How much?


Here's the thing. A starting band or label has close to no money for adds anywhere so we want to make it affordable. Currently we will charge €10.00 to place your add on our website for a month. For €50 you'll be here for six months. When the month (or months) is over, we'll remove the add (unless you want to extend for another month or months).


Great, where do I sign?


Please send an email to We'll get in touch with you for further details.