Amentia - Caliope

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Amentia - Caliope


Ever since I downloaded this album, I've been wondering what the album cover reminds me of. I googled, looked through hunderds of releases on Discogs and even went to the deep web in order to find a decent clue. Yet, I found nothing. The image haunted me, an went through my head for hours, all through the night. The next day, after a short but refreshing walk, I wondered why I didn't just play the album and find out what it sounds like. Mere minutes later I forgot all about the cover art, because I was so pleasantly surprised by this mesmerizing music.


Amentia is a duo from Australia (or Atlantis, as I found out on their facebook page) that specializes in dreamy sonic movements, loaded with influences from dub, psytrance, intelligent dance music and ambient. The result is quite ashtonishing, almost resembling a colourful flight over the Ozora festival in Hungary. Deep basses, broken beats and weird sounding electronics create at atmosphere when one can actually dance himself into a state of trance. The often unexpected volume of the psychedelic outbursts is sometimes a bit overdone but somehow it adds a huge sense of pleasure to the music.


For some reason I never really dig into most of these psychedelic dance styles, so comparisons to other bands and projects are not easy. However, I can honestly say that Amentia would be an excellent opener - or after-party-act - for a band like Ozric Tentacles or their electronic spin-off Eat Static. Furthermore it reminds me of most psytrance bands like Hallucinogen and Astral Projection but without the repetitive analog beats. Amentia focuses more on the 'psy' than on the 'dance', which is a very good quality. The result is still highly danceable but a lot less obtrusive than some psy-dance acts can be. And that is a very welcome aspect in this household.