André Perim - Dauga

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André Perim - Dauga


Time for something completely different on Merchants of Air. From Brasil comes an album that sounds nowhere near the things we've reviewed so far. André Perim is a composer, experienced in a large array of genres and instruments. Dauga is his solo debut CD but he has been working with artists from Brasil, Angola and Cabo Verde amongst others. He seems very versed in the use of percussion, piano and synths and there's room for a number of guest musicians like Wellington Soares (percussion), Rodrigo Sebastian (bass), Pedro Mazzilo (guitar), João Pellegrino (guitar) and João Pedro de Lima Jr. (theremin). The CD, released in a beautiful digipac, will be available on iTunes and amazon.


In short, Dauga is a combination of krautrock, ambient & modern classical with a hint towards jazz and the spiritual music of the Candomblé movement. To me, someone who has little to no knowlegde about Brasilian music, religion or culture, it's a pretty uncommon style to listen to. However, the use of electronics often reminds me of the wondrous sounds of bands like Tangerine Dream or Can, and that's a huge plus. Some songs sound like the music played in waiting rooms or spiritualism boutiques, flowing gently through the room and creating a warm and calm atmosphere.


In eight tracks and almost half an hour André Perim seems to take the listener on a trip through the sacred Brazilian heritage while incorportating a bit of the psychedelic rock of the seventies and the timelessness of new age music. The result is quite surprising and varied. Personal favourites on this album are Canoa, Orinoco, Outono and Vento Lunar. Some others are a bit too jazzy for me but there's plenty of people out there that would love this. It's not a very long trip but it's definately worth the effort of listening.


I'm pleasantly surprised by this piece of work and I really hope Mr. Perim continues to compose and experiment with different styles. It's a welcome change and I'm sure that the CD will find the way to my cd-player more often. As a matter of fact, after a few listens this album seems to grow and improve even more. So kudos to André Perim for showing us something else and for succesfully experimenting with this diversity of genres. If there's one point proven with this album, it has to be the fact that music is something extremely personal yet so universal.