Bad Juice - Seventh Commandment Blues & Le Branleur

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Bad Juice - Seventh Commandment Blues & Le Branleur


Let's start off with a little excerpt from the included biography: "Two French brothers & musicians, known for their past activities with bands like Tommyknockers or The Swamp and back right now with this brand new project between hillbilly country and primitive rock'n'roll". This brotherhood now comes to us, presented in two seven inch singles and immediate bandcamp download. Since they're actually two singles, let's talk about the four songs themselves.


'Seventh Commandment Blues' is a very noisy, straggly blues song, hinting towards modern day stoner rock bands. The b-side 'Elle Est Terrible' is a lot faster, sounding like a live performance in a raunchy bar somewhere in the late sixties, right before the band members decided to go in a punk direction. 'Le Branleur', side A on the second 7", seems to go deeper into the grimey sixties sound and has the same Elvis-imitating vocals as the other songs. Finally, 'Psycho' is the necessary ballad and also the best of the four. It's also the song that sounds the most modern.


For some reason I'd rather see this as a four-track e.p. than as two seperate seven inch singles. The latter makes it all feel like a gimmick and I surely hope Bad Juice is a not gimmick-band. This is simply great stuff, fun, dirty and well played at the same time. These two brothers have clearly created their own, rednecky, world somewhere in France and by all means, it's definately a place to visit once in a while...



...and if you don't like the music, you still have some of the most hilarious cover art in the history of rock 'n' roll.