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Best of 2014

Serge edition


Best albums

1.Cecilia::Eyes – Disappearance

2.Kong – Stern

3.Mesozoic - Welcome Girl, Our Second Sun Shines For You

4.Sleepmakeswaves – Love of Cartography

5.Zoe – Raise the Veil

6.Stonebride – Heavy Envelpope

7.Utopium - Utopium

8.The Coyotes Dessert – The Wedding

9.Volver – Beautiful Sad Stories

10.Atlantis – Omens



Best concerts








1.Ozric Tentacles (Trix)

2.Conan (Desertfest)

3.Amorphis (013)

4.Ggu:ll (incubate)

5.Yob (Desertfest)

6.Pallbearer (Desertfest)

7.Monkey 3 (Desertfest)

8.Sardonis (Desertfest)

9.Alice in the Cities (incubate)

10.Maybeshewill (Trix)

(with an honorable mention for A Winged Victory For The Sullen (Roma) , Throw Me In The Crater (Incubate) and Toner Low (Desertfest))



Most promising new discoveries

1.Alice in the Cities


3.Drawn Into Descent








Most notable personal achievements (music related)

1.Founding Merchants of Air

2.The release of Misantronics – Mi Nahi and the Utophobia e.p.

3.The first interviews with Ode To The Quiet, Meadowlake & Alice in the Cities

4.Finally buying a bass-guitar

5.The good new contacts with a lot of bands, labels and agencies.




Thank you for making 2014 a great musical year…