Calf - Bastard Anatomy Use A Unicorn Go To Apathy

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Calf - Bastard Anatomy Use A Unicorn Go To Apathy


Funny anecdote of the day: when I started listening to this album, the neighbours started drilling and hammering the walls. Not because the music was too loud or too 'experimental' for them. They've been working in that appartement for about a week now and I'm already getting used to the noise. The weird thing is, at first I actually thought it was a part of the music itself. The songs on this album often sounds so noisy that drilling the walls would be an interesting addition. Some music has a unique quality; the possibility to blend in with surface noise and create something new every time you listen to it. "Bastard Anatomy Use A Unicorn Go To Apathy" has that quality, and a lot of other qualities as well.


Calf is a quartet, formed in Karditsa, Greece in 2008. 'Bastard Anatomy Use A Unicorn Go To Apathy' is their second album. It is released as a 'name your price' digital download, on CD and vinyl. What Calf does on this album is actually pretty amazing. It's a mix of post-rock, noise, shoegaze and industrial. Driven on elementary, yet very effective basslines, they create a sonic assault on common sense. The songs constantly shift from soothing post-rock soundscapes to heavy noise eruptions that often blatantly cross the thin line between noise and black metal. Beneath all the layers of distored guitars there are some psychedelic rock influences and the whole comes with a tremendous punk attitude.


The titles on this album are as weird and experimental as the music is. Titles like "Are you Laura Palmer? No I'm a fucking psycho" or "Squeezing blue hope from my christian numb cock" and "The artist formerly known as hipstercunt" are pretty hilarious if you're not a grammar nazi. But they do represent the five tracks on this album in a very convincing way. Everything about the album breathes an urge to experiment with sound and instruments beyond any genre restrictions, as long as it sounds dark enough. In that aspect Calf has truly completed their mission. I also have a feeling that this band is not planning to stop there and will take its complexity and experimental nature a few steps

further in the future.


While listening to this album I can easily imagine this band on stage, making an extremely energetic and entertaining performance. The music has a lot of power and there are several long, repetitive and almost hypnotic passages. The way Calf can build up the excitement is quite stunning. They really know how to create an almost trance-inducing sound and make it explode. Live this just might get an entire audience into a state of extacy and leave them behind confused but satisfied. 'Bastard Anatomy Use A Unicorn Go To Apathy' is, apart from a perfect title to fill-up reviews, a thirty minute long trip into the bizarre and very experimental thinking minds of these four Greeks. I for one can only

hope they take this stuff on the road.