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Dali’s Aardvark – Purge, Revolt, Fuse

bandcamp 7,5/10



When Johnny Filth, the man behind Dali’s Aardvark, sent us the link to this release, one of the first things that I noticed was the tag ‘Electronic Folk’. I actually had no idea what to expect from that tag but when I listened closely I recognized the folk elements very clearly.


Purge, Revolt, Fuse is an experimental electronics album with folk-sounding melodies and experimental soundscapes made by loops, piano/keyboards and sound manipulations. The overall atmosphere is calm, sometimes dark and sometimes soothing but nearly always interesting.


I sense a bleakness and a creepy form of isolation in the music, something you can’t sense in most of the over-produced dark ambient and Americana-folk releases anymore. I mean, it’s warm day, the sun is shining in my window and still I feel a little chilly while writing this review.


In fact, the title for the longest track, ‘A Beautiful Ugliness Inside’ explains the entire album. Beautiful piano play alternates with eerie soundscapes in a very intimate dance. This could be the soundtrack for a gloomy Role Playing Game that takes place in cold medieval Europe where you meet all kinds of weird tribes and haunting entities. I should go outside and sit in the sun again as soon as this review is finished.