Dashiell Lockhart - Ergo

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Dashiell Lockhart - Ergo

bandcamp 7/10

Dashiell Lockhart seems to be a newcomer to the dark ambient scene. His first contribution is named Ergo, also desribed as " Excerpts of books that were never written". Maybe it's time to look back at the excerpts and turn them into beatiful novels.


Ergo sounds like a collection of musical experiments recorded over a period of time. The album shows a musician who is learning the trade and is eager to see how far he can go. Lockhart is apparently looking for his niche in the genre and I believe he will find it soon.


Although the album misses consistency, there's a few very decent dark ambient tracks. The Broken Music Box, I'm A Rain Kind of Guy and Eastern Whisper are pretty solid pieces, deserving a place on some of the well-known compilations you can find on the internet. Message from Hell and Positronic Showdown focus on distorted guitars, distrupting the somewhat quiet overtone on most of the other tracks.


In some respect Ergo is a hogdepogde of pretty short pieces, lingering between dark ambient, drones, noise and soundscapes. In full the album might be a bit too varied, shifting from calm passages to noisy escapades and from relaxing piano play to gloomy choir samples. Perhaps the best way to listen to this is by loading the tracks into a large playlist and set it on shuffle. On their own most of the pieces work very well and sound promising.


Ergo is a free release and I can only recommend to download it. Lockhart as an artist has the potential to grow and surprise us in the near future. It sounds like he controls his instruments quite well and has had a lot of musical experiences in the past. I for one am curious about what comes next.