Dirty Deep - Shotgun Wedding

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Dirty Deep - Shotgun Wedding


When an album cover shows a shoe on fire in front of a gloomy forest, you know you can expect something quite different. And Dirty Deep brings just that, something very different, at least a lot different from the previously reviewed releases on Merchants Of Air. But that's ok, we like variation and we like discovering new things. Frankly, that's exactly why we started this website. But enough about us, let's talk about Shotgun Wedding.


Dirty Deep is a gritty blues duo from Strasbourg, using drums, guitars and harmonica to create their own dirty sound. They started out as a one man band in 2010 but quickly became a two-piece. Their debut, Shotgun Wedding, is a must have for everyone who loves the combination of rancid blues and dirty garage rock. This is the perfect soundtrack for a greasy fishing trip somewhere in America's outdoors.


So yes, it's quite surprising that this is a French band. Everything about this release sounds very American and very distant for some reason. Often French bands sing English with a weird accent, not as bad as Germans or Dutch people but still noticable. With Dirty Deep this is not the case. The vocals, sometimes a bit Kurt Cobain like, come in a very Texan style. That's a plus for this style of music.


The music itself is quite simple. There's no room for highly technical guitar play or drumming but that doesn't matter one little bit. The beauty lies within this uncomplicated sound, making it very enjoyable. That's another plus for this album. And there are really some very good songs on this one. 'What the Hell' and 'Middle of Nowhere' for example are pretty powerful blues ballads, complete with a harmonica solo. Other songs, like 'Bottleneck' or 'Low Down' could be perfect campfire sing-alongs, loaded with cigarettes and beer.


For someone who doesn't usually listen to blues, this is a very welcome change and a very surprising motherf***r. I'm actually quite sure that Dirty Deep will appear on our last.fm profile quite a lot. This material is perfectly suited for raunchy pubs where life is still simple-hearted and it's also perfect for playing in a fireplace heated living room in mid-winter.