Dirty Sound Magnet - The Bloop

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Dirty Sound Magnet - The Bloop


Once again I find myself listening to a genre I know hardly anything about. However, few people who know me know that I have a spot for '70s music. Especially krautrock and early '70s english folk (my parents are folkies, so something has rubbed off probably), some psychedelica as well. Or AOR/Classic Rock stuff like Boston and REO Speedwagon. Dirty Sound Magnet from Switzerland promises to relive the '70s as well. Don't know if it will be up my alley but after a few proverbial spins I can tell you it most definitely is.


Whenever I get a promo, I listen very briefly to the tracks, to give me an idea if it will be something for me to review, or if it would be better to pass on to someone else. On the first listen, it didn't really tickle my tastebuds the way it should. And I was indeed ready to pass it on. That is, until I came to the 4th track, "Sunday Drama", which struck like lightning. A brilliant mix of folk, Appalachia, some middle eastern / indian droning vibes, great steel guitar sounds, tablas, some wailing chants in the background, fingerpicking acoustic guitars, handclaps... Seriously, I could listen to this track all day and I would be in heaven if the whole album was like this. Sadly, it isn't, but at least my interest was stirred and I decided to give it another go. And then it happened. I was hooked. I think I mentioned in another review that any band that willfully plays unfashionable music has my utmost respect and Dirty Sound Magnet is no exception.


Everything, from the melodies to the vocals to the recording itself, everything just oozes a '70s vibe. You can hear shades of The Doors, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Led Zeppelin, early Fleetwood Mac. "Give the rock to the next generation", sings vocalist Didier Coenegracht in the track "Move" (which is another awesome track by the way) and that is wat Dirty Sound Magnet does. Take that typical '70s sound and put it in the modern age. It would be all too easy to have it sound like a parody or an insincere copy of 'the real thing' but they avoid that trap and make it sound honest, heartfelt and passionate.


I noticed on their homepage that there is a small tour planned in the Netherlands next month and I am actually tempted to go check them out. If you long for the good old days of classic '70s rock, I urge you to do the same.


And oh man, that "Sunday Drama" track is some seriously good stuff. Brilliant. If you guys read this: do a whole album of this stuff and I will worship you forever.