Ghost Season - Ghosts Like Her

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Ghost Season - Ghosts Like Her


For some reason, bands from Greece start finding Merchants Of Air. Very often, especially after we review a Greek band, other bands e-mail us, asking if we'd like to review their latest effort. Ghost Season came to us in the same way and like most of the times it's a band in a completely different genre than the one we just reviewed. That's not a bad thing by they way, on the contrary... 'Ghosts Like Her' is their first e.p. Currently, in between gigs in around Athens, the band is recording their first full album.


Halfway through 'Alive' it's already hard to believe that this is not an American band. The (mainly) downtempo alternative metal is loaded with thrash metal riffs and pounding drums. Besides creating a powerful and heavy sound, Ghost Season keeps a waking eye on melody. While several bands in this genre sometimes loose grip their sound becomes too chaotic to be enjoyable. On Ghosts Like Her this is definately not the case. All five songs are more than decent pieces of songwriting as well as prove of their instrument skills.


Together with the clean, vigorous vocals Ghost Season moves somewhere between Stone Sour and Evergey. The overall sound is very energetic and a bit dark as well but the emphasis is clearly on showing their skills. I can't really pick a favourite song on this e.p. but 'The Bleed' is a great, powerful ballad and title track 'Ghosts Like Her' is almost awesome. Ghost Season clearly proves that they have a decent grip on a modern metal sound and are able to incorporate some killer-riffs here and there.


Typical for this genre however is that most of the songs sound a bit alike. There's little variation on this e.p., something that would have been a problem if it were a full length album. On a five-track e.p. it's fine but I suggest Ghost Season find a way to solve this problem before they start writing the songs for the upcoming full-length. Some bands have found a solution in incorporating electronics, samples, death growls, tempo-changes or eastern elements and evolve into world class players. If Ghost Season finds this edge, they could be right on their way to big international stages. They have the talent and experience to do so.