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Grus Paridae - Grus Paridae

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According to the biography, Grus Paridae is a cooperative collective and a project of two music makers, Petteri Kurki and Rami Turtiainen, with special guest Jarno Koivunen on violins on this debut single. They hail from Finland by the way, a fact that is often very intersting since Finland seems to be one of the best countries to make atmospheric music. The collective and this single were parts of the Rock n' Vantaa exhibition at the Finnish Vantaa City Museum in 2014. I think they can best be described as a progressive rock project.


On this single there's two songs. The first one 'Passes By' is an atmospheric and progressive rock ballad. On one hand it's a very radio friendly song but it also sounds a little chilling and bleak, like a snowy winter's day. The second one, 'Inheritance of Devotion', sounds more progressive and experimental than the first one, but it's also the one with the most variation. In both songs the dual-vocals feel very estranging, like they come from another world or at least from a place that not many people visit. Musically there seems to be some influences from Scandinavian metal and once in a while Pink Floyd shines through.


In all, this single is very nice at first and it keeps growing after every listen. In ten minutes Grus Paridae definately succeeds in making themselves and their sound known. We are dealing with something very interesting and refresing and I can only hope they are about to record a full length album soon. I for one am pretty curious if they can keep it this interesting for about an hour. With this kind of music that is a bit of a challenge but Grus Paridae has all the tools and all the talent to do so.