Hombre Malo - Persistent murmur of words of wrath

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Hombre Malo - Persistent murmur of words of wrath

Disiplin Media

When I opened the downloadlink for this album, I noticed that Hombre Malo has already received some bad reviews from some of our colleagues. So I was a bit weary about reviewing it. Yet I downloaded it, loaded the tracks into my media player and pressed 'play'. Quickly I realized why this album got bad reviews. It's vile, it's gore, it's loud and it's devastating. But is that such a bad thing? No, it really isn't.


Hombre Malo is a Norwegian band that has been around for quite some years, often sharing stages with bands like Yob, Kongh and Sardonis. The band is formed by ex-members of legendary underground bands like Sons of Saturn and Ictus and features current members of MOE and Okkultokrati, to give you an idea about the tons of experience there is in Hombre Malo. "Persistent murmur of words of wrath" is recorded and mixed by Ruben Willem and mastered by Brad Boatright. It will be available on CD and LP from november 14th.


What Hombre Malo produces is a filthy mix of punk, hardcore, doom and sludge that would brutally slaughter every 'easy-listening' fan. The riffing is excellent, the vocals are insolent and the drums keep on drilling holes in your head. In all, this is a big slap in your face and I mean that in a good way, I think. Besides the previously mentioned genres, there's some delation towards black metal and even some post rock, giving the entire album a pretty varied sound.


'Persistent murmur of words of wrath' contains a lot of spoken word samples that actually work very well within the noise they create. Some of them I recognize from the Zeitgeist movies and being a fan of those movies, I can only approve of these messages. The noise itself can sometimes be a bit too much and too heavy but that's nothing new to these genres. After all, an album like this is not meant to be beautiful or easy to digest. It's meant for those pissed off moments where you just want to, well, ... you know the drill.


So, no, this is not a bad album, far from it even. This 45 minutes lasting creep is well-varied and was mixed perfectly, especially with the samples I mentioned before. To be honest, I have to mention the fact that I had to listen to the album a few times before I finally got into it. But now, it gives me the impression that these are very talented (and angry) musicians, capable of producing an exploding live set as well as a pretty decent sludge album.