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Incubate 2014 Wednesday


Arrival of the Merchants

Somewhere in the early afternoon we arrived in Tilburg. We didn't have the oppurtunity to be there earlier so we missed some very interesting acts. But this is Incubate, where it's simply impossible to see too little acts unless you drink yourself into a coma on the first day. We quickly got our wristbands at the NWE Vorst and checked into our hotel. Shortly after it was time for the traditional Kentucky Fried Chicken meal. Well, it's our tradition, you don't have to follow it. We checked what bands we wanted to see that day and quickly realized the sheer mass of bands playing. So, no time to waste, off to Sardonis at the consouling store.


Sardonis is a two piece sludgedozer which could easily wake up the entire city with their instrumental and powerful doom metal. I was very pleased to see them since I had missed them when they supported Kong in Brussels last year, and it was worth the wait. The bearded Belgians rolled over the Consouling Store like a steamroller, demolishing everything in their path. For my Belgian friends, The Netherlands has no Joke Schauvlieghe so the sound was simply intense. For my non-Belgian friends, Joke Schauvlieghe is a politician who set a decibel limit for bars and concerts. We don't like her.


A while later the exact same Consouling Store hosted a performance by Matteo Mijderwijk, a local piano player and conservatory graduate. Though very different from most acts at the store this was really beautiful. Mijderwijk gave us an intimite and subdued classical piece and made it clear from the beginning: Incubate is about talent...


After a short break it was time for some more sludge. At the Extase venue Throw Me In The Crater (interview) was about to erupt. This Dutch band exploded and blew its ashes, fire and destruction all over the venue. Their powerful sludge set a standard for all of the other metal bands that played that night and most of the other nights. The hulking guitars, pounding drums and brutal voice of Mr. Ash Spitter flew over the audience in a very enthousiastic manner. No wonder we asked them for an interview.


Before we checked out Dodecahedron we decided to take a look at Nadja and Uochi Toki at the Paradox venue. Allthough not bad I couldn't get used to the mash of the typical Nadja sound (which I love) with the Industrial percussion (which I also love) and the raps. So we walked back to the Midi where Dodecahedron had already begun. This Dutch black metal band was announced as if it was the next big thing and maybe they are. The sound was overwhelming, the performance was tight but still there were mixed emotions. Maybe it was the pressure but Dodecahedron didn't sound that much differently from most modern black metal bands. Neither did Svart Crown by the way.


Maybe it's time for something new in the world of black metal and just maybe Krallice is that something. In stead of brutally worshipping Satan with blastbeats and shrieking guitars Krallice gave us an intense and technically proficient set. With a six string bass guitar and a hyper-active beast on drums they easily entranced the Midi.


Ggu:ll got the opportunity to finish our first day at the festival and they did just great. Ggu:ll crushed the Extase venue with their massive doom metal, spewing their intense nihilism over an overwhelmed audience. It was a mix of hypnotic drones and thudding drums that worked perfectly in this venue.


IncuWednesday was a blast and we had four more days to go. So after Ggu:ll we looked up our bed for some well deserved sleep.