It Only Gets Worse - Love Songs

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It Only Gets Worse - Love Songs



Ah, time for some rest after the heavy, all-consuming sludge and doom albums I've been listening and reviewing these past few days. However, when a bandname is 'It Only Gets Worse', expecations can get pretty confusing to say the least. Luckily it's doesn't seem to get worse, on the contrary.


It Only Gets Worse is the collaboration between Matt Finney (USA) and Mories from Gnaw Their Tongues and Seirom (NL). Love Songs is their second output together and is available as a name-your-price download on bandcamp. My suggestion is: get it. It has become a very nice e.p. The three songs on this e.p. are quiet, soothing but also creepy pieces of ambient and experimental electronics, narrated by Finney (except for II (interlude)) . The music breathes a mysterious atmosphere that is perfect for a dark, rainy day like this one.


Love Songs is a very short, a bit over ten minutes lasting, release but it's really worth checking out. Any fan of decent drone and experimental ambient will like or at least respect this gloomy effort. Just relax, close your eyes and dream away with the pleasant but creepy stories of this very talented duo. Besides, legend has is that this release featurus Justin Bieber on piano and whining...