Leucrota - Demo

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Leucrota - Demo

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Recently I had my very first acquaintance with an extreme genre, named D-Beat. It might sound like some boring new electronic hype but you'd be quite surprised. In fact, you'd be blown away and completely destroyed if you listen to bands like Leucrota, thinking it was something completely

different. That'll teach you, don't think, mosh!


Leucrota is an blackened hardcore horde from Santa Cruz, California. This quartet actually just started recently but has already done some irreparable damage to venues and eardrums over the Bay Area and surroundings. Their mix of sludge, black metal, doom and hardcore is definetely not for the faint-hearted. It's relentless, unforgiving and brutal. Within merely twenty minutes Leucrate succeeds in putting a sickening amount of chaos and malignancy over the despicable human race. None of the five songs on this debut have traditional song structures. The focus is clearly on power and brutality. Heavy sludge riffs and fierce blackened passages constantly switch and are loaded with a do-it-yourself punk attitude.


This DIY-aspect is also audible in the sound quality of the album. It sounds more like a live recording than a studio album. Yet, this aspect brings back the glorious days of poorly produced yet amazingly powerful black metal albums. So maybe this album is not something to play in the living room every day but that doesn't matter. Music like this is not meant for the living room, this is something for basement stages and dark back room venues where it smells like sweat, beer and piss and where the entire audience is one huge wall-of-death. This is punk at its most evil and most energetic. It's noisy and brutal and it will definetely leave spectators behind broken, beaten and bruised.