Lilium Sova - Epic morning

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Lilium Sova - Epic morning


"Wait, what?", that must have been what I felt during the past few days while I played this album. Lilium Sova is a trio from Geneva (Switserland) that has been making bizarre instrumental rock since 2006. At least, on their facebook page they write they're a trio but judging from the sound on Epic Morning and from their pictures, there's a lot more going on. It certainly doesn't sound like a trio. Besides drums, bass and guitars, there's sax and contrabas (or cello, I always mix those up) and there's a lot of noise...


So I gave the album a few spins over the past three days, not only because I didn't really have a clue what to write about it at first, but also because music like this needs time to grow. Lilium Sova is not a typical band. In some way you can classify this as post-rock but 'jazzcore' would be a better term. The song structures are very complicated and experimental, a bit like Sleepytime Gorilla Museum but a little more jazz-related than the latter. On some occasions a song starts (or interludes) with a dark, atmospheric passage but in nearly all of the songs the highly explosive outbursts of controlled chaos take the upper hand.


'4.00 a.m. - Parasomnia' almost sounds like something Dale Cooper Quartet & The Dictaphones or Bohren Und Der Club Of Gore could have written: a long drone with a freestyle sax-solo over it. '6.00 a.m. - Ondine's Curse' is Red Snapper on speed and '7.00 a.m. - Dawn of Sweet Villain' is a beast of a hardcore/sludge song with aggressive vocals. The other songs lay somewhere in between all these influences and styles but the emphasis is clearly on outbursts, heaviness and complexion. In that aspect '2.00 a.m. Insomnia' is maybe the most radio friendly song on this album. Yet, it's not radio friendly at all.'8.00 a.m. - Epic Morning', the final track, is an epic psychedelic journey that seems to combine all the influences from the previous tracks and pour an extra layer of effects and noise over it. It lasts for over 22 minutes and it's probably the most stunning track on this album.


The level of experimentation and complexity is extremely high on Epic Morning, but so is the quality. It can't be easy writing something cross-genre and labyrinthine (yep, 'labyrinthine' is a word and it's the perfect word for this music) like this. Lilium Sova has written and recorded something that is simply epic. At least, that's the opinion after several listens. At first this was just too weird for words but now, I love this...