Los Disidentes Del Sucio Motel - Arcane

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Los Disidentes Del Sucio Motel - Arcane


It's raining outside. I'm at home, watching the raindrops and eating a croque monsieur. A bit bored, I remember I should write some reviews. I check the links and CDs that were submitted in the past few days. Arcane by Los Disidentes Del Sucio Motel (for further reading-pleasure, we'll abbraviate the bandname to LDDSM) catches my eye, mostly because of the cover. From the cover I can't really find out what style of music this is going to be. It could be sludge but it might as well be a dark jazz album. In the biography I read 'stoner rock'. So I load the album in my media player and hit 'play'.Suddenly I find myself on a trip through an immeasurable desert, with vultures watching my every move

and waiting to feast on my carcass as soon as I lay my head down.


LDDSM is a band from Strassbourg, France and they're a perfect example of the talent that this country has to offer. 'Arcane', their second album, was already released in 2013 but since it only arrived at the Merchants Of Air headquarters a short while ago, we can imagine that LDDSM (or their label) are aiming for stages and fans outside of France. They're very right to do so because 'Arcane' rocks. The ten songs on this album are good for a fourty-six minutes lasting journey through the crushing hot landscapes LDDSM creates, accompanied by excellent vocals.


LDDSM claims to be a stoner rock band but there's a lot more going on. Several styles of vintage and modern rock music are incorporated in LDDSM's sound. On 'Lucky Man' you can clearly hear influences from modern day stoner-rock but it might as well have been one of the best songs Soundgarden has ever written. 'Z' feels a bit like Monkey 3 cooperated with Tool. On 'Santa Muerte' incfluences from Queens Of The Stone Age come shining through. 'Ouia' drives on a vintage doom riff Black Sabbath forgot to write. Yet, even though there's all these names coming up, the listener is still very aware of LDDSM's very own sound. They've clearly succeeded in discovering their own niche.


Among my favorite songs on this album is the heavy rocker 'God Father'. It's also one of the most up-tempo tracks on this album and it's the song that makes me want to see these guys on stage. Judging from the music itself and the pictures on their facebook-page, LDSSM clearly knows how to put on a very entertaining and varied live performance. With regular shifts in tempo, awesome killer riffs, almost psychedelic guitar solos, a fuzzed-out sound and one of the best and most varied vocals (on 'Journey',the vocalist even remindes me of James Hetfield, but I'm not sure this is a compliment these days) Arcane is one of the best stoner rock albums I had the chance to review for this webzine (wow, what a sentence). It will definately be one of the most played albums in this genre in our household.