Lykanthea - Migration

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Lykanthea - Migration


Sometimes, when an artist mentions that his or, in this case, her album is based on an ancient myth, research for a review can easily turn into endless wikipedia scrolling, absorbing the myth and the surrounding stories. At those times I tend to forget all about the album itself. But when an album has the right atmosphere and sound it has the capacity to blend in with the myth. At that point words and sounds become one and create a beautiful trip through ancient times.


You guessed it, this is one of those albums. Migration, the debut e.p. from Chicago born and Rome resident one-woman project Lykanthea is (loosely) based on the ancient Summerian myth of goddess Inanna's descent into the underworld. With electronics, soundscapes and layers of mysterious voices Lykanthea creates the perfect soundtrack for the chapters in this myth. It sounds like a mix of (well produced) witch-house and the dark anthems of Zola Jesus.


The first two songs drive on a simple but effective rhythm that could be compared to stretched-out trip-hop, becoming a lot gloomier and breathing a darker atmosphere. 'My Sister', featuring Rasplyn, is a beautiful ambient hymn, reminding me of Die Verbantten Kinder Evas or even Dead Can Dance in their 'Within the Realm of a Dying Sun' era. If you ever have the chance to witness this song in a church, somewhere in a cold, snowy region, go for it. Your life will probably never be the same again.


'Alponia' and 'Parturition', the final two of these wonderful hymns, sound a bit more electronic but drive on a similar soothing soundscape. The gentle-natured sound of this music is quite stunning. It floats trough the room and invokes a warm, kind feeling. The overall mastering and production are excellent and that is a huge plus with music like this. This is ethereal electronics at its best. Lykanthea is planning to take this e.p. on a European tour. I hope she visits our home town because it just might turn out to be an unforgettable evening.