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Maybeshewill - Flood Of Red - Speaking In Italics

Trix (Antwerp) 18 oct 2014

A few minutes before I left home to ride to Trix, a Twitter message mentioned that this show was completely sold out. Being a Maybeshewill-fan I was pretty excited about this because that meant that the band is finally growing to their full potential. Arriving at the venue I noticed that only thesmall part of the venue was open, meaning that only a few hundred tickets were sold. Such a shame, but on the other hand, this would be a bit of an intimate concert.


Speaking in Italics had the opportunity to kick-off. Although they played their indie rock with a lot of enthusiasm the music couldn’t captivate me. Maybe it was the fact that the sound was too sharp and basically lacked bass or maybe the combination of clean sounding guitars and vocals sounded a little outdated. On the other hand, maybe I’m just not very fond of this type of music. The rest of the audience seemed to like it quite a bit so we’ll give Speaking in Italics the benefit of the doubt. This band has indeed some potential to be a real player in the indie scene and I’m willing to give them

another chance when they play again in the neighborhood, or at Incubate.


Next up was Flood Of Red, a Scottish rock band. In these times it might be a little weird to say it’s a Scottish indie band, no? All joking aside, this was a pretty interesting concert. At first I didn’t like the combination of post hardcore, post metal and screamo. Then it started to become quite enthralling and by the end of the set I absolutely loved it. Their very energetic, diversified and well-played rock music was played with such energy that I was quite mesmerized. Flood of Red brings a very refreshing mix of modern-day rock styles that might take some getting used to but has the potential to grow. This is definitely a band to keep an eye on because a breakthrough might be imminent.


Finally it was time for Maybeshewill. Before they started there seemed to have been a few technical problems or the soundcrew was lost. Some bandmembers waved to the back but there was no reaction whatsoever. Finally, after a few minutes the intro started flowing through the speakers and the band everybody had been waiting for climbed on stage. Suddenly the entire venue was in a state of trance, fiercely shaking their heads to the sheer awesomeness Maybeshewill provided (except for one huge-eyed girl who apparently was only here because her boyfriend wanted to and who was more interested in staring at the wall than in listening to the music). Most songs came from the new album, Fair Youth, an excellent but a bit commonplace post rock album. However when played live, the songs gain power and liveliness, reaching the quality of the big names in the genre. It was pretty clear that Maybeshewill worked (and works) hard to make this tour a success. You could actually feel the hours of rehearsing and the immense task of polishing the raw edges prior to this tour. There wasn’t a single flaw mentionable. Maybeshewill clearly is one of the best live-acts in the world of post-rock and obviously deserves bigger venues.