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Meadowlake facebook bandcamp

It was a hot Indian summer day in Tilburg when we noticed a recommendation on facebook. A good friend told us to see this band because it was one of his favorites in his area. So we did and we immediatly knew why. Their dreamy post rock convinced us to join them on the terrace and ask a few questions.





M: Who's who?



Jarno: guitar, singer

Erik: guitar

Tjeerd: drum (recovers from an injury so couldn't go all the way today)

Sélina: bass guitar

Gertine: keyboard, backing vocals


M: How did the band originate and develop?


ML: We're a bunch of befriended music lovers who live in Groningen. One day in 2013 we decided to make music together. We're not musically educated; you could call us a self-made band. We started performing in the same year in Groningen, a city for music lovers with a lot of venues. In 2014 we got on stage in other places in The Netherlands. We've done about 75 concerts so far.


M: Could you tell us more about the band name?

ML: We had a lot of options like "Nothing but Green Light" or "Gravity" spelt differently. We didn't want it to have too much meaning. "Meadowlake" was the first name we all agreed on. Our music evokes some kind of landscape.


M: Did you alter your performance for this occasion? We had the impression that you're very capable of making longer and louder tracks as well.


ML: When we get on stage in a concert hall, we play our atmospheric tracks and when we perform in a bar, like today, you'll get our shorties.


M: How would you describe your music, and what are your influences?


ML: A headstrong mix of genres with elements of postrock. We like bands like The National, Arcade Fire, Sigur Ros, Antlers and Beach House.


M: Your singing in postrock music is unconventional. What are the lyrics about?


ML: We believe that words add more content to the music. The songs are about what's on our mind, like the death of a loved one in "Heavy", or the idea that some people waste their time with irrelevant occupations. Grab life by the horns! We also try to avoid platitudes about blue eyes and the sky.


M: How did you get to Incubate?


ML: The second one to the right after the traffic lights! :D No, one of the programmeurs of Incubate invited us by mail. She knew us from a performance in Groningen.


M: Any plans for the future, like a CD?


ML: In november we'll release an EP with 7 tracks, containing some of the ones which we played today. Furthermore we are booked for more and more performances. But most of all we'd like to continue composing great music. We like our new tracks more than the older stuff, so we have a good vibe going on!






Text: Eline

Photos: Richard Lahuis