Ministry of Truth - EP 2015

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Ministry of Truth - Cleansed Perfected Destroyed (EP 2015)


Let's start with a quote from the biography, because to me it's very recognizable (I have a musical project of my own for the exact same reasons): "The idea for Ministry of Truth started a couple of years ago when I felt that the world and the times we live in no longer made sense. So this is my saftey valve to be able to handle a world that feels and seems more and more bizarre and Kafkaesque every year. A way to cope with the ever faster approaching dystopian future". Music is indeed a perfect vavle to deal with feelings like these. Many people from around the world are using music to express themselves and to escape from the badly written soap-series life has become.


Ministry Of Truth is a one-man post-rock project from Umeå, Sweden. This EP is his debut and judging from the three excellent tracks, it's a very promising one. Opener 'Solitude In Numbers' is a long progressive post-rock track that says a lot without using words. It reminds me a bit of Explosions In The Sky. The build-up is a bit similar but two aspects make it different from most post-rock I've heard. First is the progressive rock guitar solo, something I don't hear very often. Second is the fact that by the end the track gets a bit experimental, loosing the typical post-rock touch. Yet, that's ok. I love it.


'A Billion Faces All As One' incorporates basically the same elements. This is my favorite track on the album. With a perfect, cold atmosphere Ministry Of Truth combines typical post-rock with the dark sounds of a band like Tiamat. Halfway through, the song gets heavier and more intense. 'Cleansed Perfected Destroyed' closes this EP in style. The tempo goes up a bit, reinforced by some dreamy guitars. Yet, here too, the Tiamat reference isn't far away and makes this an extremely enjoyable instrumental song.


The main problem with this act is this: This music is used as a valve against the dystopian future. Imagine things getting better. Imagine those in power (and all of humanity) suddenly realize that things need to change. Imagine the efforts work and all our lifes do improve, the world gets a better place. Then, this music would disappear because the valve is no longer needed and that would be a shame. So, let's keep a bit of our misery so we can conintue to make music as beautiful as Ministry Of Truth does...