Missiles Of October - Don't Panic

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Missiles Of October - Don't Panic


Now, this is a strange combination we have here. We didn't really know what to make of it, Serge decided I should hive it a go and it took several listens to understand what this is about. Seeing as it is a joint venture release between 4 labels, it seems that the labels didn't really know what to make of it as well. Although I am probably wrong there, because At War With False Noise, for example, has an exceptional ear for quality stuff..


I'm really torn between liking this a lot and finding it irritating as hell. Even after a few listens I don't know how to make my mind up about it. For example, the first time I found the accent (Missiles Of October are French speaking Belgians, from Brussels) on the vocals extremely annoying. The second time I forced myself to not pay attention to that and realised they remind me a lot of those black metal / thrash metal hybrids like Infernö, Aura Noir, Nocturnal Breed, Gehennah and stuff like that. And I found them extremely cool, effective and powerful. So, great right? No, because now I'm at my 4th session and now I'm irritated by some of the silly, juvenile lyrics ("Six pack of beer! I'm happy! Six pack of beer! I feel like I'm on fire!")..


Musically it's the same. One moment I hear a brilliant mix of the above mentioned 'black thrash' bands and Helmet (just listen to the track 'Wannabe' and you'll hear what I mean), the next some of the poor sounding drumparts piss me off. But then another song, and those drums stir up a great sounding rhythm! I. Just. Don't. Know. What. To. Make. Of. This. And it's driving me crazy. It's likeable as much as it is infuriating. It's as clever as it is blunt sometimes. Some parts sound like crap and some sound just absolutely brilliant. The vocals are great, but they have an annoying accent. I kind of want to hate this, but then the next listen I find it a bit irresistible. I hear black metal, thrash metal, mathcore, hardcore, punk, rock n roll, noiserock, all at once.


So yeah, if you ever wandered what the babies, conceived durening an unprotected sex orgy between Unsane, Aura Noir, Helmet and Nocturnal Breed would sound like give Missiles Of October a go. Prepare to be irritated, confused, annoyed, elated and pleasantly surprised. All at the same time.