Monomyth - Further

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Monomyth - Further


Ok, I admit, I have an unhealthy obsession with instrumental rock music and the Netherlands have had a special place in my musical heart for decades. I have been a Kong-fan for more years than some of our readers are even alive. I'm also a sucker for psychedelic rock and experimental bands that are not Dutch, like Ozric Tentacles or Master Musicians of Bukakke. Besides, there's a lot of shitty music in The Netherlands as well. However, in my opinion the Dutch are really, really good at making instrumental rock music. So when I discovered this Monomyth album, their second one after the selftitled debut in 2013, I was a little bit excited. I couldn't wait to write a review about it.


So yes, Monomyth is an instrumental psychedelic rock band from Holland (Dutch people don't always like it when you say they're from 'Holland' but for the sake of journalistic freedom, we'll give it a shot). There's four pieces of music on this album, each creating their own sonic universe where the bandmembers are completely free to express themselves. Driven on lively basslines, Monomyth's instrumental space-explorations slowly evolve into a wide array of sounds and layers that often barely avoid the 'chaos-border'. That was a lot of poetic mumbo-jumbo to explain that this album is hugely influenced by Krautrock and Psychedelic rock from the sixties and seventies.


Drums and basslines clearly function as a basis where layers of guitar solos and keyboards can continuously build upon. In the right circumstances this can create a warm, trance-like state, and that's exactly where Monomyth has been aiming for since 2011. The 17 minutes long epic '6EQUJ5' is the perfect example for this 'psychic-journey' effect and is the best track on this album. The shortest track, 'Collision' is a bit tougher to listen to, especially for listeners who don't have a lot of experience in this kind of music. For the untrained ear this song can get somewhat on your nerves. The other two do have the same outstanding quality where 'Ark-M' is a perfect opener for this CD.


As good as this album is, this kind of music is not easy to record in the same overwhelming and convining way than at a live performance. Monomyth have made a high-quality album that can easily please every psych-, stoner- or krautrock fan. I can only hope 'Further' is their ticket to the Roadburns and Desertfests all over the world. With a decent light-show (they promised 'a mind staggering' one on their biography on Discogs) this stuff should be a guarantee for a very trippy evening.