Mudbath - Corredo Zeller

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Mudbath - Corrado Zeller

Lost Pilgrims Records

Hailing from France comes the sludge/doom vehicle Mudbath with a monstruous album, named Corrado Zeller. There are three songs on this album, the shortest one is about seven minutes long. The longest one adds ten more minutes so in all, we're up to about thirty five minutes of astonishing sludge/doom and dark hardcore. Usually, a mud bath is a very healthy treatment but here it's dark, angry and extremely powerful.


While most sludge bands these days focus on creating down-tuned riffs as heavy as possible and somehow start drowing in their own sound, Mudbath leaves some room for melody. Don't get me wrong, this album still is a huge bulldozer, rolling over you with enough power to rip you to pieces and leave you behind grasping for air and unable to move. It's just that in 'Corrado Zeller' there's often room for more traditional doom passages loaded with a dark atmosphere. It's almost like this band tries to be the bridge between traditional doom metal and modern day stoner doom.


From a vocals standpoint there's not much difference then with most sludge bands. Very near to black metal screams they're irefull and malignant. They are a very decent addition to the heavily distorted guitars and potent drums. For doom metal fans who don't often listen to sludge metal these vocals could be a turn-off, but once you're used to them they become one with the music and give it even more power than it already has. Besides, the enormous instrumental passages are nothing short of overwhelming, sometimes leaning towards depressive black metal.


So once again, France provides us with something awesome to listen to. Here's another example of the huge amount of talent this country represents. Mudbath seems to be nothing short of an obsession for the band members. They are experienced musicians with an eye and an ear for quality. Be sure to check them out on their European tour starting January 23. I'm quite sure they can deliver on stage in a very impressive manner as well as on LP or CD.