Mysticum - Planet Satan

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Mysticum - Planet Satan


Wow, talk about an anticipated album! 'Planet Satan' was announced to be released ages ago. In fact, the debut album 'In the streams of Inferno' makes a mention of it, and that album is from 18 years ago. Or, as they like to put it themselves, 3 x 6 years ago.. Over the years many people actually believed it would never ever see the light of day (or dark of night) or even saw it as an elaborate hoax. A mythical album for those who were there in the mid 90s and witnessed some of the legendary live shows. Some people forgot about them, but lots of them kept hoping. Then, early 2013, Peaceville re-released their legendary debut as well as the 'Lost masters of the Universe' compilation. And talk about 'Planet Satan' began anew. So here we are now and 'Planet Satan' is upon us. Surely, after 18 years things can only add up to a huge dissapointment, right?


WRONG!! I don't know what they decided on that fabled night when they agreed to finally get together again and start working on 'Planet Satan' but I sure am happy that they did. It is like the clock has stopped in 1996 and now they just picked up where they left off. Mysticum were the true originators of Industrial Black Metal and during those 18 years many bands have followed in their footsteps but now it is time for them to reclaim their rightful place as kings on that throne. See, it has me speaking in metaphores, it is THAT good. And for those who have seen the marvellous (and dare I say hilarious) Peaceville Records 'track by track' video by the band themselves, it is obvious the band is serious about this as well. It might be cocky or arrogant but they sure back this attitude up with a brilliant album.


After a brief 20 second creepy industrial intro the band races out of the starting blocks with 'LSD' (or, Lucifer in the Skies with Demons). And while it is definetely punchier than 'In the streams of Inferno', all the typical Mysticum elements are present: the buzzing, washed out, treble-heavy guitarsound, spacy electronic swirls and effects and pounding programmed drums. The band make no efforts in disguising their main lyrical influences which are as always Satan, drugs* and the destruction of humankind. Vocal duties throughout the album are, like on the debut, handled by both Svartravn (formerly known as Prime Evil) and Herr General Cerastes (formerly 'just' Cerastes) and they both give everything they've got in their performance. Spitting bile like there is no tomorrow the listener is instructed to give their life to the one and only true master, Satan himself. While for other acts this might come across as immature, Mysticum genuinely sound like they mean it. I can tell you, typing is bloody hard with your hands stuck in the devil's sign.


There is not a single moment on this album that is redundant and the old cliché 'all killer, no filler' is definetely applicable. Even though my personal highlight is 'The Ether', a song glorifying Satan as well as themselves. Just like their amazing debut, 'Planet Satan' is an album that kicks you in the ears with a massive boot, leaving shards of the shattered skulls that were crushed earlier (enough with the metaphors Bjorn) stuck in them. Earlier this year I was dissapointed in another long-awaited new album, the new Godflesh to be precise. I felt that that album was okay, although quite uninspired. As if disinterest has helped the flame die out over the years. Not with Mysticum. In the course of those 18 years, their immensive hatred has fueled the flame even further and their unimaginable disdain for mankind had the opportunity to fester, all of which has led to the amazing triumph that is 'Planet Satan'.


Mysticum, I salute you. As much for your brilliant album as for the opportunity to write a proper clichéd black metal review. Hail!!






*remember kids, drugs are not cool, and only Mysticum are allowed to use them, provided they keep bestowing the world with amazing albums.