Necro Deathmort - EP2

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Necro Deathmort - EP2

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In the past few decades, lots of metal artists have incorporated electronic elements in their music. There are countless acts who have ventured in the realm of electronics and countless who have failed to make a lasting impression. Worse even, a lot of acts made a right arse out of themselves (not naming names here, but let's just say one of them rhymes with 'Orbid Mangel') by failing to find the right synthesis. It is very difficult to get right without it sounding forced. Often bands tend to go for the industrial feel, which is fine (albeit a bit safe and boring), but a true seamless, exciting blend of electronica and metal is a very rare find.


Enter Necro Deathmort, who are one of those rare finds. Ever since their 2009 debut 'This Beat is Necrotronic', AJ Cookson and Matthew Rozeik know exactly what it takes to create a believable blend of metal and electronics. Never letting the focus shift too much either way and never having it sound like either one of the elements was just tacked on. But most important of all; they make it sound fresh, new, exciting and honest. Their sound is literally like nothing you've heard before, incorporating elements of doom metal, dubstep, ambient, soundtracks (especially John Carpenter ones), drone, electro and techno.


'EP2' is their latest, their 7th in a line of impressive releases. I guess it could be considered as an EP, but at 33 minutes it is still quite substantial. When I say they mix all their styles with doom metal I have to be honest and tell you that their last few releases were a bit light on the metal part. With this one they are back where they left off, if you can call it that, with the albums 'Music of Bleak Origin' and 'The Colonial Script'. 'EP2' once again finds that perfect balance of crushing guitars, pounding drummachine and dark and broody electronics. Very atmospheric and very easy to imagine this as a soundtrack to a horror movie. Just listen to the track 'Deadlight' and picture it accompanying a scene in a bleak 80's slasher movie..


Although I loved their previous recordings I've always had a soft spot for the earlier albums and 'EP2' is just exactly what I wanted it to sound like. No, better even. Available on 12" vinyl for a limited run of 333 pieces. A must for fans of their previous albums and definitely worth checking out for the adventurous metalhead or electronica fan.