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Nested - Nested

bandcamp 10/10

After the demise of the brilliant Wrath of the Weak, one of the most bleak, monotonous and trance-inducing black metal acts around, sole member J. has broken the nearly 4 year silence now and has re-surfaced as Nested. And while Nested is a different beast than Wrath of the Weak was, it is not that hard to imagine it as a sort of continuation. The final releases of Wrath of the Weak, 'Persse' and 'Solace' were already almost completely devoid of the raw black metal sounds of his eponymous 2006 debut and 2008's ‘Alogon’.


Nested feels, in a way, as a continuation of the moods presented on 'Solace'. While 'Solace' was an immensely dense, impossibly loud whirlwind of monstrously droning “black metal”, transcending all the restrictions of that genre, Nested is a bit more restrained. Equally bleak and monotonous and droning but with more of an underlying New Wave vibe. It's very subtle, but I feel it's there. And somehow it is very beautiful and pretty as well, in a strange way. As with Wrath of the Weak there are layers upon layers upon layers of things going on underneath the surface transforming every song into a massive droning blissout. It's kind of hard for me judging this on it's own merit, because I am a massive fan of Wrath of the Weak but Nested just recalls so much that was so awesome with Wrath of the Weak in the first place. I'm not sure this was J.'s intention, I guess these sounds are just an integral part of who he is. It’s just so good, I can’t even name any standout tracks. 5 long tracks, just one big flow of heavy drone that leaves you breathless at the end..

Needless to say this album is heavily recommended to Wrath of the Weak fans as well as folks who like their drone dense, bleak and heavy. Fans of Lovesliescrushing, Nadja and Jefre Cantu Ledesma's drone output will find much to like here as well. The same goes for fans of doomgaze in general and more adventurous black metal and shoegaze fans. Play this very loud, in the dark, with a good set of headphones and let the crumbling, harrowing, pulsating sounds of Nested take you into a blissed out trance from which you will never want to leave.


A monumental, outstanding release that has made this reviewer a very, very happy person. And while I sure found 'solace’ (pun 100% intended) in J.'s last release, let's hope Nested's self-titled debut marks a return to a whole new streak of amazing releases. And there is absolutely no reason to not check this out, because Nested is available as a 'pay what you want' release on Bandcamp!