Normalised - The Detonic Collection

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Normalised - The Detonic Collection

Detonic bandcamp 8/10

No, EBM, Synthpop and Industrial are not dead. They're just on holiday in Australia where they enjoy the warm weather, sunny beaches and raunchy clubs. Detonic Records has released a very interesting compilation LP, featuring 12 artists, from Australia, France, UK, Japan and USA. The album is filled with synth-pop, electroclash, EBM and other delightful electronics.


Let's start with some useful information. All tracks were mastered by Neil Thomason at Head Gap, Melbourne and the cover art is by French artist Joe LL Cool. The LP is available as a Clear Vinyl 12" LP and CD. It was produced in Melbourne by Zenith Records and by Implant Media respectively. The release date is October 17. Launch parties are planned in Melbourne on 16th November and Paris on the 29th.


What we get on this LP is basically a modern adaptation of the electronic scenes that were popular during that decade. Acts like VvvV, Tuxedo Gleam and We Are Enfant Terrible can easily be compared with let's say DAF or Calva Y Nada but they also fit perfectly in the recent electroclash scene. That counts for most artists, except maybe for Men Oh Pause, who tend to the good old fashioned indie noise rock and the noise duo Dead Boomers.


This album reminds me of my very first 'gothic electro' mix tape. It was a peek inside the vast world of dark electronics, perfectly suited for the gloomy winternights. And this LP brings this feeling back. Whether it is for the cyberpunk of Diesel Dudes, the Witchhouse of Jonny Telafone or the avant-garde synthpop of Vulgar Fashion, this compilation is a very welcome addition to every nostalgic electro-collector and an excellent introduction to the widespread genre of obscure electronics.