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Ode To The Quiet facebook bandcamp

After their magnificent performance at the Factorium as part of the Incubate Zero program, we couldn't keep ourselves from asking these people some questions. We warned them that we had never done this before but they were completely ok with it. So here it is, our very first interview.


M: How did Ode to the Quiet form and develop?


O: A few befriended students of a conservatory, Tobias, Otto and Marianne, decided to make music together around 2007. The original name was "Mary had a little band", and the music sounded more poppy back then. In 2012 the sound altered and after a few months it was time for a new band name. In 2013 we recorded our self-titled album and in that year we also started performing on stage. In 2014 Evert joined the band.


M: How do you describe your sound?


O: (together): Stargaze! We combine elements of (neo)classical, electro, indie, triphop and krautrock to our own blend. In our music, all the instruments are equally important. Every one contributes to our own musical landscapes.


M: What are your musical influences?


O: Every member has his own favorites. We mostly listen to bands like Efterklang, Pink Floyd, Grizzly Bear, Jaga Jazzist, Nihls Frahm and Talking Heads. In one of our songs 'We Have A Map' we use Reverie from Claude Debussy so classical music is an important influence as well.


M: Please tell us about your album.


O: It was created in a very short timespan; most of the tracks were composed in only one day. As a result, the album has the same feel in all the tracks. In that way it's a bit of a concept album, not in the way that it has a general theme but the songs have basically the same identity.


M: Any plans for the future?


O: We'll be touring until november in the Netherlands. After that we hope for an international breakthrough. Sometimes we dream about playing with a band like dEUS.







Text: Eline

Photo's: Serge