Poste 942 - Extended Play

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Poste 942 - Extended Play version française


Shortly after publishing the review for the new Zoe album, we got an e-mail from Poste 942. They claimed to be fans of Zoe and they wondered if we were interested in reviewing their debut e.p. Since we loved the Zoe album so much, we were looking forward to hearing this little e.p. as well. After all, young bands deserve as much attention as the established ones, if not more. They are usually the ones who are as enthusiastic as we are when we hear some of their releases for the first time. Often debut releases like this one show a "this is it"-feel and are drenched with blood, sweat and tears from the young band that put everything they got in putting out a convincing first release.


Poste 942 is a French rock band, founded in Tourves, a place with about 4000 inhabitants. It seems at least four of them know how to make some decent music. Extended Play is their first effort, a short but solid assault of rock, grunge, stoner and hard rock. In a timespan of almost twenty minutes there are five songs on this e.p., making it a very interesting introduction to this band. When those twenty minutes are over, the listener is hungry for more and that's a very promising accomplishment. Add the element of some very exciting artwork that is extremely significant for an e.p. like this. In short, in some way Extended Play is very much alike a gun shot. A short bang with a huge impact.


Shortly after starting, the opener 'Bad To The Bone' somehow reminds me of the early Metallica days. No that Poste 942 is a thrash or speed metal band, not at all. It's just that sometimes the vocalist sounds like a young Hetfield and the album has the same overall feel of enthusiasm that Kill 'Em All had. Musically there's absolutely nothing wrong with this. All five songs are more than decent rock songs, often nudging towards stoner rock or grunge. On 'Color Of Red' they open an old, dirty can of uncut, heavy blues rock. All these influences give the e.p. a lot of variation and make sure the listener stays focused on the music.


Poste 942 has a lot of talent to develop and that is a process that needs time and effort. For a first release this e.p. is very good and sounds very promising, but at the same time it puts a fair amount of pressure on this band. They prove to be good song writers and excellent musicians who are pretty well on their way to find their own sound and their own audience. I certainly believe that they will grow as a band and that they are able to produce some high quality releases in the future. But for now it's time to hit the stage and convice audiences far and wide. With this e.p. they're well on their way of doing just that.