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Process of Guilt - Rorcal Split

Bleak Recordings

Time for some ultra-blackness on Merchants of Air. Bleak Recordings sent us this split-release from Process of Guilt (Portugal) and Rorcal (Switzerland). In some way both are very different bands. While Process of Guilt gains fame in the world of doom metal, Rorcal plays a deafening form of blackened sludge. The bands became good friends on Amplifest in 2011. So a cooperation was imminent and this hellish piece of work is the result.


Doom, sludge or black metal aside, you can expect a fiendish attack on your eardums and your soul. This 12" is definately not for the soft-hearted. Side A sees Process of Guilt produce their well-known, very obscure sounding doom with an industrial touch. The three tracks mix perfectly together, creating a seventeen minute long journey through the most gloomy side of life. It's a very sorrowful trip that doesn't end well, and that's exactly how this music is supposed to sound: brutal, solid and overwhelming.


...and then you flip the record...


After a brief soundscape introduction Rorcal charge their powerful blackened sludge all over your already battered body. Deranged riffs, blast-beats and glaring vocals pull you down even further, finishing the job that Process of Guilt started. Rorcal refuses to slow down. The tracks IX, X and XI are fericious pieces of music that leave you in a very intense state of trance if played loud enough. And there you were, thinking that Switzerland is all about beauty and peacefulness.


With their previous work in mind, it looks like both bands musically have somehow grown towards each other. The amity they share certainly has had an effect on the songs. This split is a splendid work of extreme metal and we could only wonder what it would be like if Process of Guilt and Rorcal started writing music together.


I need a cigarette now...