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Samowar - Samowar

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Samowar is the one-woman-project of Leen Diependaele, using loops, electronics and her own beautiful and a bit fragile voice to create daring pieces of music. She also provided vocals for Belgian bands like Arsenal and Dez Mona. This four track e.p. is her first releases and it's nothing short of georgious.


The opener, and single, 'Thirsty Well', is a beautiful song, hinting towards Björk and Austra but with its own gloomy identity. Its quite experimental electronic sound and immersive atmosphere are both soothing and eerie. Of the four, it's probably the most radio friendly as well. 'Roots' is a minimalistic exercise with birds songs, effective sub-beats and beatific vocals. Yes, 'beatific' is a word.


'A Good Head for Heights' is a bit heavier than the other songs, driving on a deep beat and submerged in a bit of a punk attitude. Maybe that's because of the guitar samples or because of the 'up yours, I do exactly as I please' style of musicmaking. 'Surprise Surprise' is a bit happier again but has the same eerie chill as the other tracks. It reminds me a bit of the beatbox-band Bauchklang, and that's a compliment.


This e.p. is definately one of the most impressive pieces of experimental electronics I've heard in a while. It's gentle and gutsy at the same time, well suited for airplay and live performances but also as a part of a dj-set in a respected club. This is a one-woman-project to keep an eye, and two ears, on.