Sarajevo - The double tailed devil

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Sarajevo - The double tailed evil


Sarajevo is a rock band from Paris, France. This quintet tries to combine psychedelic rock with some noise and indie music. The line-up includes some ex-members of Dacast, G.M.B.C. and Velocross and claims to be influenced by bands like Flaming Lips and Spaceman 3. This two-track single is their first effort.


The songs, named 'Psycho' and 'Otto' seem to be rooted in the psychedelic music from the sixties and early seventies. The sophisticated yet repetitive sound of Sarajevo would have trance-inducing powers if they weren't this short. Music like this may be longer and incorporate elaborate passages to create a trippy atmosphere.


Personally I slightly prefer 'Otto' to 'Psycho'. The latter is a decent rock ballad that sounds like it's suited for semi-chique wedding bands as well as gritty jazz clubs. 'Otto' has a more constant psychedelic feel to it and even dares to hint at Pink Floyd for a short while. However, both songs are promising enough to look forward to a full length. I for one, am looking forward to review that album...