Seirom - And The Light Swallowed Everything

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Seirom - And The Light Swallowed Everything

Burning World

The ever-prolific Maurice "Mories" de Jong, he of Gnaw Their Tongues, Aderlating, De Magia Veterum, Cloak Of Altering and probably some others I forgot, has been showing his milder, softer side with Seirom for a couple of years now. I guess when you spend so much time writing hate-filled noise and basically transforming pure horror into sound for so long, you kind of want people to know that there is more to Mories than just the aforementioned acts. Seirom is the outlet where he can display his love for ambient and shoegaze. 'And The Light Swallowed Everything' is the third full-lenght release and it is just total dreamy shoegaze-worship. Featuring some beautiful guest vocals by Francesca Marongiu and gorgeous guest cello performances by Aaron Martin.


The construction of the music feels much the same as Gnaw Their Tongues, with many layers and orchestral samples and a huge depth to it. With the big difference that Seirom feels hopeful and blissfully airy, whereas GTT is just total bleak horror. You can sense that Mories spends a huge amount of time to make sure everything falls nicely into place. It is just masterfully constructed. The whole thing sounds like a perfect mix of shoegaze clashing with neoclassical and ambient. 'And The Light Swallowed Everything', on a whole, is noticeably calmer than the previous album '1973' which had quite a bit more blastbeats carried over from his other projects. There are still some blasting bits but they take a step back and let the music focus more on the cinematic ambient aspects. That's not to say that 'And The Light Swallowed Everything' will not appeal to people who dug '1973'. The total atmosphere remains much the same. It's just, well, even prettier.


I really like how Mories has such a clear view of how every project should sound, while maintaining the distinct characteristics that creep into everything he does. While the output of Gnaw Their Tongues can be a bit hit-or-miss occasionally, Seirom remains consistent in being gorgeous, dreamy and blissful.


Well recommended! As always, the music is accompanied by some very appropriate artwork by Mories that perfectly captures the feelings of the music. Another stunning piece of work which leaves you wondering: how much music can one mind contain? Will there ever be an end to his output? I sure hope not.