SixStringNoise - Snake Side Brotherhood

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SixStringNoise - Snake Side Brotherhood

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Even with all the possible technology these days, I'm often stunned by the powerful sounds duos can create. When a two-piece sounds as heavy as a full band, there's definitely some decent craftsmanship present. When a duo proves to be excellent songwriters as well, you have something that can easily write and record a very enjoyable album. So you've guessed it, we're dealing with a highly talented duo that is about to release a dark, progressive and heavy rock album in a few days.


SixStringNoise was founded in 2010 as a solo-project by Markos 6SN, who does nearly everything on this album, except for the drums. Those are the work of Alex M. Over the years the band went through numerous line-up changes. At some point they were a four-piece live act, playing many shows in and around Athens. They released two albums before becoming the two-piece they are now. However, I wouldn't be surprised if this became a four or five piece again, playing live shows, mainly because music like this deserves a stage.


Snake Side Brotherhood constists of ten very decent modern rock songs, influenced by the likes of Alter Bridge, Alice In Chains and Justice-era Metallica. The latter was the first one to come to mind when the awesome opener 'Until The Day I Die' began. The guitar sound and riffs are solid and powerful and the vocals are quite modest but melodic. At first I thought the vocals lacked this power but later on the album they start fitting in perfectly. Gradually SixStringNoise succeeds in removing all doubts and truly convinces.


'Bridges Burned Down' opens with an a-capella song that sounds like it's sung at a pub filled with drunks. But shortly after, it turns into a high quality progressive rock song with an immense guitar sound. Follower 'Around My Head' shows a ton of attitude and is one of the heaviest songs on this album. Yet, like all songs on this CD, there's a lot of progressive and melodic elements as well. This makes Snake Sound Brotherhood stand out as an excellent album, sounding very "Modern Day American Rock".


'Didn't See That Comin'' reminds me of Queensr?che, another bunch of great musicians capable of writing classics in the rock and metal genres. Speaking about classics, Snake Side Brotherhood is a great album but not really a classic. Even with all the quality SixStringNoise possess, I feel that there is still some potential to be discovered within this duo. Maybe they should indeed expand again, get this stuff on the road and perform all over Europe and (why not) the USA. Like I said, this is music to be enjoyed live, both in the audience and while performing on stage.