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Sleepmakeswaves - Love Of Cartography

bandcamp 9/10

I used to think that Post-Rock was music to sit down and relax to. Boy, was I proven wrong. When I watched Sleepmakeswaves live for the first time I came to realize that there’s a different style of Post-Rock, one you can party to, shake your ass and bang your head. They blew me away that night and they still do. So I decided to join in on the pledge campaign for the release of Love of Cartography and looked forward to receiving this album. Since then I have played it dozens of times and I’m still blown away by the party-caliber.


Sleepmakeswaves is a lot heavier than most bands in ‘the genre’ but they still know how to create instrumental landscapes, even when they go up-tempo in a very METAL way. In every note you can here that they absolutely love playing this style of music together. The typical high shrieks from the guitars are backed up by extensive, sometimes nervous, drums and solid bass lines. The subtle use of electronics and samples give the tracks that little extra touch.


There’s a few slow ambient-like passages (with the exception of ‘A Little Spark’) and build-ups but they rarely last long. It’s the rock/metal line-up for a trance experience. For example, the beginning ‘How We Made the Ocean’ could be the beginning of an extended Juno Reactor trance song. So yes, we made a connection between Post-Rock and Psy-Trance. In almost every track it’s like they saying ‘Hello, we are Sleepmakeswaves from Australia and we’re here to kick your ass’. Love of Cartography is going to be somewhere in the top-10 of my 2014 charts, that’s for sure.