Tare - Ritual Degradation

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Tare - Ritual Degradation

eternal death 8.666/10

Fuck yeah! Excuse the profanity but I've always wanted to start a review with the f-word. That is because Tare is a band that manages to push all the right buttons here. I consider myself a very open-minded music listener, but when it comes down to it there is nothing I like more than a good slab of lo-fi punkish black metal. Bone Awl, Ash Pool, Ancestors, Malveillance, Meti Bhuvah and the mighty Ildjarn, all of them manage to deliver me something that no other style of black metal can.. Now I can add Tare to the list..


Tare are from San Fransisco and 'Ritual Degradation' is their first release. 6 tracks of raw, hate-filled bilious black metal. Pounding d-beat drums with the occasional blasting, furious riffing and vile, hateful screeching vocals. I'm struggling to add more words to what will most likely become the shortest MoA review thus far, but with black metal this raw and in-your-face it is best to just let the music do the talking. The only minor letdown I can think of is that I wanted a lot more than the 20 minutes offered here. Yeah I know it's an EP of sorts, but still. Also, the final track 'The End Is An Idea' doesn't really do it for me.


So if the above mentioned bands are your cup of tea.. ehmm bile, than you can add Tare to that, I guarantee you won't be dissapointed. Another solid Eternal Death release! I will now leave you with these words: Fuck yeah!