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The Venue Project


Some bands have asked us if we know some venues they can play. Since we love music so much we're doing whatever we can to give young bands all the chances they deserve. So we've started making a list of venues and the plan is to make it as big as possible. That list will appear here in a few weeks and will be updated on a regular basis. For now, we'd like to ask our beloved readers to send us all the venues they know. We prefer the name, website/mail, size and if it matters also the genres. You can use the form below.



A lot of bands will be grateful for your help...



Venues by country











































Venues and organisations that do no wish to be in this list, please let us know using the same form. We understand some of you will already receive a lot of e-mails and stuff from bands that want to play and that it could become a bit of an overload. If you let us know, we'll remove your venue or organisation without complaining and we'll try to make sure it will not reappear.