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Writers wanted



Merchants of Air is currently looking to expand our writing staff, mainly in the genres listed below. If interested, fill in the form and we'll get back to you. But first, read the requirements please.



What we're looking for:


-Location: Antwerp or near Antwerp

(or at least Belgium, making it easier

to send hard copies)

-Decent English writing skills

(we do not have the time to spellcheck everything)

-Experience in the genres: sludge, goth &

hardcore (metal)

-Own transport (we only have bikes by the way)


-Oh, and if we ever organise events, a helping hand

would be awesome




What we offer:


-Reviewed hard copies (CDs) are yours

(there's also downloads, it's not all cd's)

-If we get them, free concert tickets

-An email-adress (useful to make a facebook

account if you don't want a personal one but

do want to do interviews)

-A chance to learn new stuff



We can't offer money since all of this is about

music and music only ;-)