Blame Kadinsky - Pink Noise Motel

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Blame Kandinsky - Pink Noise Motel


Over the past few days my computer was acting weird. I noticed that it started running slow and slower so I got a little worried about the safety of the thing. After all, computers that are getting slower are economically interesting (for Windows) but this was just a bit too odd, something was not right. So I downloaded an antivirus program and had it scan the entire pc. A few hours later I got the results. It had found a lot of crap. Instead of deleting the malware I decided to play Blame Kandinsky on full volume. Result: the viruses fled in absolute terror, as if Satan himself was chasing them with a rusty agricultural fork.


Ok, I admit, the above paragraph is not completely true. I actually removed the malware with the anti-virus software but I did play Blame Kandinsky at the same time. However, fact is that this Greek quintet is either seriously pissed off or just extremely scary. Without any hesitation, nor any mercy, this band grabs you by the throat and spews almost twenty minutes of vile and evil mathcore allover what is soon to be your corpse.


This certainly is nothing for the faint-hearted, or any person with a heart disease whatsover. With numerous tempo shifts, killer drums, instense guitar riffs and an overdose of screaming vocals Blame Kandinsky has created something that will scare the hell out of a lot of people.


Fans of bands like Dillinger Escape Plan and Every Time I Die will absolutely love this. It's aggressive, it's pretty complicated and it's heavy, very 'effin' heavy. Others might think this is utter chaos and noise and in some aspect they're absolutely right. The five songs (apart from the intro 'Varnish 11 st Illinois') on this e.p. are brutal and complex without any breather. If this is the product of Greece's social decay, it's a lot worse than what they show on the news.


Pink Noise Motel is the result of two years of intense live performances and technical progress. Blame Kandinsky seems to have a lot of fans in their home country and with this self released e.p. they're well on their way on gaining a lot more abroad. So for all fans of extreme metal, go check it out. This e.p. is available as a pay-what-you-want download on their bandcamp album. If you don't like the music, at least you'll have a pretty hot chick lustfully staring at you on the cover-photo.