Directors Cut – Directors Cut

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Directors Cut – Directors Cut


When I started listening to this debut album for the first time, my six year old niece was visiting. She was tapping on my door and I told her to be quiet because I was working. In her innocence she said: “You’re not working, you’re dancing with your head.” And to be honest, I’m suprised I don’t have a whiplash because this album takes you to the max from the beginning to the end. It’s rough, hard, pure, takes you by the “cohones” and leaves you behind in a puddle of your own vomit, blood and shit and leaves you hungry for more. The vocals are sometimes a bit too rough and the instruments are not always in tune with each other, but it’s punk-rock, so (excuse my French) who gives a shit.


'Do You Wanna Get Cut', the opening song, has a great clip to go with a great song. I first wondered whether it is too short but then I realized it just kept me wanting more.

I have a few favorites on this record and 'Lost And Found' is definatly one of them. Once you know the lyrics you’ll sing along every time and it will keep on floating in the dark corners of your mind for the rest of the day.


'Throwback Sundays' has an great "umpfh" factor. Kickass start, kickass guitar, kickass drums. The only thing I don't like is the end. This song really needs a strong finish, too bad this song lacks that, but I still think it's a freaking kickass song. If it’s power you search for, then do check out 'Megalowmaniac'. The vocals are a bit less rough but for this song that’s a plus. The backing vocals work perfectly with the music. This song has the “it” factor that will turn every moshpit into a pile of flesh and bones.


'Footprints In Water' is my absolute favorite. The beginning tune sparks your interest and the rest of the song grasps you like a 15 year old kid grasps his penis. The bassline is amazing and the lyrics are awesome. I love this song and put it directly on my mobile phone so I can listen to it all day. I suggest you do the same.The final song is called '7 AM' but if someone ever wakes me up with this song I will throw my puke bucket towards his head. Nevertheless it's a great song with great drums and perfect guitars.


Conclusion: A great debut album for this band from Lyon, France. They started in 2012 and have used their time together perfectly to make a strong powerpunk album that will help them get a lot of fans, myself included. I hope I can see them on stage at a festival or gig nearby so I can get into a moshpit and break some bones. But hopefully not my neck, so I can keep dancing with my head.