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Some Dark Ambient artists make this style of music because they like it. Bruno Duarte doesn’t, he breathes Dark Ambient. After being the vocalist and bass player for Nekrokult of Kronos, a Black/Death Metal band that was active until 2003, He moved to Norway to follow the sounds in his head. In 2006 Immundus was born as an attempt to recreate the spookiness and mysteries Mr. Duarte felt all along, and Insomnia is just that. It’s dark, it’s spooky, it’s gloomy.


From the very beginning the album takes you on a guided walk through the dark regions of Immundus mind. This results in a mix between pretty typical dark ambient, neo classical and dark folk that could, and should, be released by one of the well-known labels in the genre.


While some dark ambient albums focus on creating an atmosphere as dark as possible, Immundus seems to tell one or several stories. Computer programming and a multitude of effects mix perfectly together with analog instruments, making it very diversified and very musically. Sometimes the focus is solely on darkness (The Ancient Nightcrawler), sometimes it’s noisy (Tormenting Swell) and sometimes it’s a beautiful piece of neo classical music.


In short, you can hear that Immundus is an experienced musician and producer. He knows what he is capable of, not only in his music but also in the spooky artwork. Insomnia is full of surprises and twists, keeping the listener in his spell.