Progstone - Out From There

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Progstone - Out From There


Once in a while an album is released, bringing homage to an entire genre. Out From There by the Swiss band Progstone is one of those albums. It's recorded at the Alternative Recording Studio in Sion (Switzerland), mixed in grunge-capital Seattle at London Bridge Studio (Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden,…) and mastered in Los Angeles by Howie Weinberg (Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers,…). From the beautiful artwork to the the powerful progressive rock/metal, everything about this CD breathes quality and care for the product. Out From There is their first full length and it is well capable of opening doors for this quartet. So maybe it's time Progstone crosses the borders because this is something for stages all over the world.


Progstone constantly drifts on the thin line between progressive rock and metal. With influences of grunge and arena rock they succeed in creating a solid sound and a grandiose atmosphere. At some moments it feels like Alice in Chains meets Evergrey but immediatly after you can only realize that this is Progstone's own clear and distinct direction. All fourteen songs are well advised examples of composing talents and all of them sound both elementary and skilled. Some of my favorites on this album include 'Inner Fire' and 'Taste of the End', which are quite amazing rock anthems.


Maybe fourteen songs might be a bit too many for an album like this, considering the fact that this music demands a lot of attention from the listener. Most of the songs are so well composed that everyone with a musical mind (and believe me, this is music for an experienced musical mind) will want to absorb it and analyze it. These songs, like opener 'Alone Together' and title track 'Out From There' are nothing short of magnificent but at the same time they cast a spell on the rest of the songs, making it tougher to maintain the quality.


So what we're dealing with here is a band that takes themselves and their music very seriously and insists on putting out a high quality product in every sense possible. Any fan of decent rock music could immediatly fall in love with Out From There. Yet there is plenty of room for the band to evolve. Out From There is a more than excellent debut, often hinting at the great names like Queensryche or Soundgarden but well on their way to create their own sound. Progstone is definately a band to keep an eye on. In my humble opinion they might well be on their way to conquer Europe and persuade audiences of their talent.